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Today I got back the results from the “Simple Flash Game” I submitted for course work posted to my site on the 13th Jan (Found Here)

and well I managed to get 81% I’m really pleased with this result and I am hoping for more :)

In other news I have now placed a back up system on my website so hopefully not going to lose any important data.
and I ordered a new t-shirt, shall upload an image of it when it arrives.



Codecademy is a great online tool that helps you to learn computer programming, at the moment they have a few different types of programming languages including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javscript
  • Ruby
  • Phyton
  • Jquery
  • API’s (such as links to youtube, soundcloud)

I recommend signing up and having a good go its a great way to help you learn, even if you already program it will keep you up to date with the knowing.

3D Table Image 2

3D Animation – Part 2

So today was the hand in for the 3D animation, and I set my alarm for 6:30 am.

Come 6:30 am I wake up snooze my alarm few times then turned off, the next time i wake up its 8:10 am (needing to get to university 9:00 am)
Hurry to University get there, only 5 minutes late, sit down and wait for my work to be looked at and marked.

It comes to me my work gets check a few times looked over and once finished I am told its worth 68% which I was really happy with.
Then as he walks away changes it to 70% so i got a first for my 3D animation which can be seen below and above (click the image for a bigger view)

Total: 70%

There is quite a bit of work I would like to do on it to make it look that much more realistic but other than that I am quite happy with the outcome and the grade I got.

3D Table Image 1

3D Table Image 1

3D model

3D Animation – Part 1

So my latest course work to hand in for university is 3D, Thats what i am currently working on biggest issue as this program has to be used the way it wants you to.

modeling So do something wrong and well… it crashes.

But im working though, on a lighter note there is a little bit of snow out side.
Think Great Britain might be closed tomorrow.

work in progress

work in progress

Space Mining

Simple Flash Game

A project for university required the use of creating an AS3 (Actionscript 3) game in flash with the following brief:

You are to produce an on-line game with the following


  • Scoring mechanism
  • Vector movement
  • Collision detection
  • Use animation and sound
  • Has an instruction page

So bellow is what I came up with, let me know what you think.
Sorry about the sound, it can’t be turned off..


Long time...

Its been a while…

After a long time of not posting anything new at all on my site I have decided to get a brand new theme instead.
The theme i picked was “Especial WordPress Theme.”, its really good nice and flexibly.
Saves me having to draw it all out and re-program, more time to really put information up.

Yes, it has not been long from the one  I created as the first version, but now I have it all planned out to update this site 100% weekly.

Keeping up to date with all the changes going on (and there are quite a bit).
Lets do a bit of catching up…

From the last post till now I started second year of university, ended for winter holiday and have started back again (only 1 week ago)
But I do also have two jobs now, both which take up a lot of time and is one reason why I have not updated this site more recently.
I shall talk about the two jobs later in other posts.

I have had two deadlines at university one to create a flash game (which I am planning to upload soon) – handed in
and the other 3D modelling – coming up soon

So I guess I can talk about them next week :)

Anyway I am going to make some more posts.

This was just a ‘Hi’ message.

and bye.